CONCERNS have been raised about the safety of a crossing after a woman was struck by a hit-andrun driver.

A woman, in her thirties, remains in a serious but stable condition in hospital, after being hit by a car at about 1.30pm at the zebra crossing on Clay Hill Road, near Swan Mead Park, Basildon.

She was airlifted to hospital after the incident and the driver of the car left the scene.

Now taxi drivers have said they don’t feel the crossing is safe.

Ralph Morgan, 71, of Sandon Road, Basildon, said: “It’s probably the worst crossing in Basildon.

“Right next to it is the park and lots of people walk straight out of it into the road without looking.

“There’s a footpath on one side which is obscured by trees, if someone steps out there you can’t see them walking up to the crossing.

“It could do with being cut back.

“I drive up there ten times a day. You do approach the crossing very carefully, but if you don’t drive there all the time you don’t know to watch out.”

John Buddell, 67, of Great Spenders, Basildon, said: “I don’t know if it’s an optical illusion or what but it is so hard to see someone crossing the road there, especially in the winter and when it’s dark.

“In 30 years of driving a taxi I think it’s the worst place I’ve seen to have a crossing. At the least it should be a pelican crossing so someone can press a button and you know someone’s waiting to cross.”

Police are continuing their investigation to find the hitand- run driver.

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “We are very sorry to hear about the collision. We will wait for the police report before we identify if any actions need to be taken.

“The safety of residents and all road users is of the utmost importance to the county council.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact PC Jenny Pirie at the serious collision investigation unit at Essex Police on 101 or email collisionappeal@