A DANCER prepared for the biggest night of his life by showing off some of his best moves ahead of a Britain’s Got Talent semi-final.

Kieran Lai showed off his moves and wowed the public as he prepared for his TV appearance at Empire Cinema on the Festival Leisure Park in Basildon yesterday.

The 17-year-old self taught dancer from Basildon proved to be popular among the crowd as he took to the floor to showcase his “tinman” dance moves.

Kieran, who is a member of the Basildon based dance troupe, Kayzar, hopes to get support from across south Essex ahead of his appearance on the hit ITV show this weekend.

He said: “I want to get as much support as possible and get publicity before my performance on Saturday.

“I just want everybody from Essex to get behind me and support me.”

Kieran, who is currently studying for his A-level exams at Southend High School for Girls, is juggling his time between his studies and preparations for his big night.

He added: “I have all my exams coming up and I’m having to juggle between revision and practising for Saturday night.

“But I am working extremely hard and have some surprises lined up, let’s just say you might be seeing more than just one of me on the night.”

Kayzar Troupe manager, Nader Boulila, added: “The only thing we can say is if you thought you saw it all in the audition watch what Kieran has lined up for Saturday.

“We’re confident that Kieran will most likely win Saturday’s show and we just need the whole of Essex behind him supporting Essex talent.”

Fans cheered Kieran on as he practiced at the entertainment park and believe he has what it takes to make the final.

Kirsty Shayler, a fan from Basildon, said: “I’m hoping he goes through and wins Britain’s Got Talent. He is unique and very talented and I would really like to see him win.”

Kayzar volunteer John Hilliard added: “I’m extremely confident that once people see what else Kieran has up his sleeve they will back him all the way.”

Kieran is following in the line of Diversity, an East London and Essex based dance troupe whose members include Ashley Banjo from Wickford and Perri Kiely from Thurrock.

The troupe found success after being crowned winners of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

Kieran will perform in the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals on ITV this Saturday at 7pm The final takes place the following Saturday, June 7.