HORSERIDERS are pushing for Essex County Council to fix dangerous potholes along popular routes in Benfleet and Thundersley.

Chris Lazell, 63, runs a horse riding school in Daws Heath and insists the roads in and around Bramble Road in Benfleet are in a terrible state.

Mrs Lazell, who lives in Daws Heath Road, is worried one of her horses will be seriously injured if the roads are not fixed.

She said: “After all the bad weather, the amount of potholes that have popped up is unbelievable and it is dangerous.

“I have been in touch with the council regarding the issue and so far nothing has been done about it. I was told they would fix the potholes by the end of March, and they’re still in a really bad state.”

Last week the Echo reported horseriders raised concerns about the state of bridleways across Benfleet.

Residents said numerous paths had been in use for 40 years and have not been maintained – making them dangerous.

Mrs Lazell says her horses now need to ride in certain parts of the road to avoid potholes, but Essex County Council says it has “no specific date” for when repairs will be carried out.

She said: “We have hundreds of horses, and it’s really dangerous for them.

“Somebody will have an accident and is that when they will do something about it? It’s absolutely disgusting. The horses have to ride in the middle of the road because it is that bad.”

Mrs Lazell insists she has been in touch with the council over this, but has so far received no help.

She said: “I have called the council on this issue so many times, but nothing is being done. They’ve only managed to fix one pothole in St Michaels Road and another in Bramble Crescent.

“We’re not only even talking about horses and riders; – we’re also talking about dog walkers and cyclists. I’m fed up and these roads need to be fixed.”

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “Following inquiries from residents, Essex Highways inspectors visited the site in March and noted three repairs that need to be carried out.

“There is no specific date of when the repairs will be completed.”