HUNDREDS of jobs will be cut at Essex Police and more stations will close in the next two years.

Another 200 officers, 100 PCSOs and hundreds of police staff positions are at risk due to Government cuts.

At the same time, the force has to invest in infrastructure amid claims a number of police buildings are no longer fit for purpose.

The revelations come a day after Essex Police announced major restructuring which will see:

  • The force move 500 officers from response hubs and specialist teams into neighbourhood and local policing
  • 60 specialist posts cut
  • Essex Police working with £78million less a year by 2016 than it had in 2010.

A recruitment drive was also launched yesterday.

The cuts will help save £3million.

Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh has not yet revealed which stations will be next on the growing list of closures, or where specifically the additional officer cuts will come from. He said: “The number of officers is going to reduce.

“Over the next three years we expect it to go to 3,000.

“We will put resources where they are most needed.

“I am a supporter of the PCSO model and we want to build on what PCSOs can do, but the number will go down to 250.”

The force is hoping to increase the number of Special Constables, highly-trained volunteers, from 440 to 560.

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