AN ACROBATIC dog is making waves in Southend with impressive displays of antics.

Ziggy, a nine-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, wowed weekend crowds on the seafront with his skateboarding tricks.

The canine, also known as Ziggy Trixx, has been trained by his owners Adem Basharan and his fiancée Alice Aungier since they bought him six months ago.

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One of Ziggy’s most impressive tricks sees him pretending to be shot by a toy gun and playing dead, while he also demonstrates free-running skills by leaping off benches and springing onto his owner’s back.

The dog now has a Facebook page and Youtube channel dedicated to his antics and Adem is intent on training him up further to get work as a performing animal.

Adem, 25, of Southend, said: “We had around 100 people watching him on the seafront on Saturday. They were all clapping and it was quite a shock to see that reaction.

“His ‘play dead’ is just amazing. He falls back like he’s really been shot and just doesn’t move until you say.

“I know Staffies don’t have the best reputation but I did loads of research when we got him and I’ve been training him for six months now and he’s the most lovely and friendly dog.

“It’s nice to be greeted by people’s smiles when he does a trick, and to show Staffies aren’t dangerous dogs owned by people in hoodies.”

Ziggy can push himself along and balance on a skateboard, walk in between Adem’s legs on command and even hop backwards on his hind legs.

Adem was previously scared of dogs but got one because Alice, 19, had always wanted one and he wanted to see if he could train a puppy.

Southend Standard: Rolling - Ziggy skates along the seafront 

Southend Standard: Well trained - Ziggy waits for Adem's signal

Adem added: “He learned his name in the first day we had him, then to give us his paw in the first week and he’s been progressing so quickly since then.

“I now need to talk to the council about getting a performance license and build a portfolio of what he can do.”

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