THE plight of a Benfleet dog who needs a life-saving operation has captured the hearts of people on social media.

Dog lovers across the country have stepped in to help fund a bladder operation for Biscuit the cocker spaniel.

Vets told Beverley Grubba, who took Biscuit in after she was abandoned by her breeder, her dog needed to be put down because she was incontinent.

She spent her savings on scans and tests to get a second opinion and discovered there was hope for the five-year-old dog.

Mrs Grubba, 62, of Parkfields, set up an online appeal to raise the £3,786 needed for Biscuit’s treatment.

More than £800 has already been raised and her plight has touched the hearts of people across the country, who are baking cakes, shaving their heads and donating items to an online auction.

Mrs Grubba said: “At one point I nearly gave up.

“Most people who have a cat or dog have them insured, but because I rescued Biscuit she wasn’t insured.

“I hoped antibiotics would help her, but there is no way she will get better without her operation.

“There is still a long way to go, but I have had so much support from people all over the country.

“She’s got the saddest little face because she has been through so much.”

It is thought Biscuit’s bladder problem could be the result of an emergency hysterectomy.

She was forced to undergo the surgery a year ago after she had a Caesarean because of complications giving birth to five puppies – who later died.

The campaign across social media caught the eye of dog lover Dawn Baxter, 57.

Mrs Baxter is temporarily fostering Biscuit at her home in Morecombe, Lancashire, but regularly visits Benfleet with her.

Mrs Grubba, who is in remission after cancer treatment, already has three dogs of her own to look after and made the decision to find a new home for the unwell dog as she couldn’t look after her any more.

Mrs Baxter said: “Bev was heartbroken to have Biscuit leave her, but she knew it made sense as she was struggling.

“Many people have offered to adopt Biscuit permanently – but onlywhen she has had her operation.

At the moment, we have only got her temporarily, but we will have to see what happens.

“Biscuit seems happy with us and has settled in really well.

She’s still timid and desperate for love, but she has come a long way.

“There are so many wonderful people out there raising money for her.”

For more information on the appeal, visit BiscuitsAppealPage