THREE horses were found wandering alone on a busy road in Thundersley.

Gary Smith and Paul Bishop, who are staff from Seevic College, noticed the nervous hourse and two ponies walking alongside Kiln Road at 7am near the campus gates.

They swiftly brought the animals, which had escaped from a nearby farm, to safety by leading them into the college grounds.

Mr Smith and Mr Bishop, both members of the college’s estates team, then penned the animals in next to the college cafeteria while they alerted the police to help find out where the animals had escaped from.

Estates assistant Mr Bishop, said: “We noticed the little Shetland and the medium-sized grey were both following the big brown one around, so we tried to lead her in first.

“Thankfully the other two followed suit, and we were able to pen them safely in the secure area beside the college.”

Students and staff at the college were shocked to be welcomed by the unexpected visitors as they arrived on campus.

Southend Standard:

The equine visitors were also treated to a breakfast, including apples while police tried to find their owners.

Mr Smith, senior estates supervisor at Seevic, said: “They’re obviously very friendly, and they came with us straight away. We’re just glad we got them out of the way before the traffic started to build up.”

It was later revealed that the horses had escaped from the fields beside The Chase, and they were collected by the field owner.