A YOUNG couple and their newborn baby got the keys for their first family home – only to discover it littered with used heroin needles.

Harry George and Chloe Hennessy, both 18, were disgusted to find the flat in Brooke House, Basildon, covered with dried blood, dirt, dust and graffiti.

The lock on the front door was broken, leading the couple to believe it was used as a drugs den.

They have been forced to live apart for the first seven nights since daughter, Mia-Mae, was born last Tuesday, as the flat is not deemed safe for her. Mr George said: "I was over the moon until I walked into the flat.

“It looked like a construction site that had just been left. There was so much dirt all over the floors and up the walls, and heroin needles. It was horrible.

“My girlfriend had to feed and change our baby in the bathroom because it was the cleanest place. I have been staying with my parents and Chloe and Mia- Mae have been staying together at her mum and dad’s. It isn't ideal to be living apart when our first baby has just been born."

Workmen from Basildon Council visited the flat last week to replace the boiler, which had been stolen.

Officers believe the property was broken into between the workmen leaving and Mr George and Miss Hennessy getting the keys on Thursday. Nigel Flynn, Mr George’s stepdad, said: “The flat isn’t fit for a baby.

“Even without the needles and mess, the lifts are always broken, so how are they meant to get a pram up and down the stairs?

“We’re terrified it is being used as a drugs den. It’s certainly not the nice start to family life Harry and Chloe had imagined.’’ The used needles and drugs paraphernalia, including spoons, were removed by the council within hours of Mr George and Miss Hennessy complaining.

After being contacted by the Echo, the council has promised to return to scrub the flat. A spokesman said: “It seems the property has been broken into since it was cleaned ready for occupation. Officers met with the couple and ordered an immediate deep clean.’’