A SCHOOL which had to be evacuated last week was reopened yesterday – but still needs more repair work done.

Parents of pupils at Bardfield Primary School and Nursery in Clay Hill Road, Vange, were called in by text message to collect their children on Friday.

Children were sent home after staff discovered a large crack on the wall of a Key Stage 2 building.

Contractors who had been working on refurbishing the school were called back in to fix the problem after the crack appeared.

After they examined it over the weekend, they secured the building.

However, the affected classroom will remain out of bounds to pupils until further work can be done – with lessons being taught elsewhere in the meantime.

It had been expected the problem would have been fixed over the weekend.

A spokeswoman for Essex County Council said yesterday: “The children were sent home on Friday so the problem could be looked at and they could work out what needed to be done. It is still being investigated but it has been made safe temporarily.

“They will look at what needs to be done asamore full time solution.”

She said she could not be specific yet about what the cause of the problem was or when the work would need to be carried out.

The school did not comment but directed the Echo’s inquiries to the county council.