A FAMILY watched in horror as a car spun through the air and landed in their front garden.

Two men, one a taxi driver, were taken to hospital with serious injuries following the head-on collision in Runwell Road, Wickford.

Alison Pinnock, 47, and her family had just gone to bed when they heard a loud bang outside their home, which is just before the Toby Carvery restaurant.

Mrs Pinnock said: “I ran to the window and saw this car spin through the air and crash through our fence into our front garden.

“The car landed just inches from our car, which was parked in the drive way.

“The engine came away and landed near to my husband’s van.”

Husband Brian Pinnock, 61, dashed outside to help while his wife called the emergency services.

One of the vehicles, a Vauxhall Vectra, was a Brown’s Taxi based in Wickford. The cabbie suffered leg and chest injuries.

The second car was a Ford Focus.

The driver suffered severe leg injuries.

It took fire crews about 90 minutes to remove the casualties from their cars.

Police shut the road until 4am while the accident was cleared.

The Pinnock family fear someone will die on their doorstop if urgent safety measures are not made to their road. Ten cars have crashed through their fence in the past 18 months.

Mrs Pinnock is calling for the speed limit to be cut to 40mph and a speed camera to be installed outside their home.

She said: “This road is just so fast.

“People keep saying, ‘we are waiting for a fatality on this stretch road’.

“Something needs to be done here before someone is killed.”

Mr Pinnock has lived in the property for 30 years and claims the road is getting worse. He said: “We need the speed limit cutting to 30mph or 40mph, a speed camera and the street lighting repaired outside our property. But the council just do not listen to us.

“We just cannot believe there have now been ten accidents out here in 18 months.

“When you are first on the scene, as we always are, you go and attend these people and you just do not know what you are going to find inside these cars. One day, you think, you are going to find a body.”

Police have launched an investigation in to the incident.