AFTER running a staggering 107 marathons in seven years, Heather McDonald-Hamilton is probably due a well earned break.

But instead, she’s set herself an even tougher challenge – competing ten in ten days.

Heather, 52, from Billericay, is doing it to raise money for disadvantaged children.

The 10-in-10 marathon challenge starts on Friday and takes place around Windermere, in the Lake District.

But ominously for Heather, in the eight years it has been held by the Brathay Trust, only 69 people have managed to finish it.

Heather said: “I know it will stretch me mentally and physically beyond anything I have ever done in my life.

“I love to run. It’s been a personal lifesaver and helped me through illness.

“I was supposed to do it last year, but I fractured my pelvis doing another marathon a month before and had to pull out. I came back from Berlin in a wheelchair. For the next ten months, I just kept up my cardio work because I was determined to go for it this year.”

Heather will run run 26.2 miles every day around Windemere.

The marathon was dubbed the UK’s most scenic by Runner’s World magazine last year, but extreme survival expert Bear Grylls warns it is “an epic challenge that will require an epic strength of mind”.

Heather has already raised £8,000 for the Brathay Trust, thanks to support from residents and businesses. The trust helps raise money for disadvantaged children.

Although Heather has always loved running, she only did her first marathon when she was 45. She then did one a year – doing the last 103 since 2010.

She decided on the ten marathon challenge because it was something new.

Heather added: “I’m looking forward to it in a funny kind of way, because I have been waiting for so long.”

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