IT was almost the end for Boby, the dog, after part of her back legs were hacked off.

The Romanian mongrel was left for dead in her native country following the brutal attack.

But just months later she is enjoying a happier life in Pitsea after being adopted by resident Maxine Priest.

Miss Priest, 56, of Great Ranton, came across Boby on Facebook.

She said: “Someone found her bleeding to death in a street when she was just a puppy. She was with a rescue centre so I spoke to someone and they said they could bring her over if I wanted to offer her a home.”

Boby, who is not yet one, made the trip two weeks ago after having injections for kennel cough and other diseases, as well as securing a passport.

She now lives with Miss Priest and her four other rescue dogs in her onebedroom house.

She said: “I luckily have a big garden. Boby was absolutely petrified when I first saw her. It really broke my heart.

“Once I saw Boby’s picture on Facebook I couldn’t leave her there.”

Miss Priest takes Boby out every day in Basildon to get people used to her and to raise awareness.

She is also hoping to get enough money together to buy Boby some wheels to replace her back legs. The equipment is commonly used when pets have to have their legs removed following road accidents.

If you can help, email