ANTISOCIAL behaviour is forcing some Shoebury residents from their homes.

Residents on the Four Rivers estate, which comprises Avon Way, Chelmer Way, Crouch Way and Stour Close, have complained of broken garden fences, damaged cars and loud noise late at night.

One anonymous resident claimed up to seven families have either moved or are trying to move from the estate because it has got so bad.

The estate is managed by South Essex Homes and complaints have been lodged about the disturbances in recent months, but residents say nothing has been done.

An anonymous resident said: “It is all the good families going and all the ones whose kids cause trouble are staying. They should be accountable for their children’s actions.

“There are good people on the estate and it could be a nice place to live, but at the moment it is not.

“I’ve called South Essex Homes’s out-of-hours phone line and made reports, as I know other neighbours have, but heard nothing back.

“It just feels like they couldn’t care about their jobs or our homes.”

Some residents believe children from other estates congregate on the Four Rivers, adding to the trouble.

Julie Harris of Stour Close, said: “They make noise and spray graffiti, screaming and shouting until all hours.”

A fellow resident has also suffered at the hands of rowdy children in recent months.

Southend Standard:

She said: “We’ve had mud put through our door and people knocking on the door at all times of night.”

Anita McGinley, of South Essex Homes, said it was working with Essex Police regarding recent reports.

She added: “We’ urge residents to report any incidents to South Essex Homes on 0800 833160 or where relevant, Essex Police and will pursue action against individuals where we have sufficient evidence to do so.”