FORMER detectives with a few skeletons in their closet have launched an entertaining business.

Louise Giles, from Leigh, and Llorien Walsh, from Chafford Hundred, have between them spent two decades in the police force, but have now branched out into education with the Detective Project South Essex.

Skeletons, finger-printing kits, crime scene materials and storyboards are all part of the business which launched this month to provide fun and educational events for adults and children to demonstrate how crimes are investigated.

Ms Giles, 34, spent ten years in CID, reaching the rank of Detective Sergeant, and has a degree in law from the University of East Anglia.

Ms Llorien, 37, spent five of her nine years in the force as a detective and studied primary education as a post-graduate at the University of East London.

The pair became friends in the force and spotted the business opportunity after former Metropolitan Police officer Jenny Williams set up the franchise three years ago.