A DOORMAN was knocked out and savagely beaten by a group of men just 15 minutes after starting his shift.

Joseph Saunders, 30, from Southend, was knocked unconscious as he was attacked by at least five men as he worked on the door at Chinnery’s pub in Marine Parade, Southend.

He had started his shift at 8pm, but just 15 minutes later he was brutally beaten as he tried to calm down a group of five men and a woman, who is believed to be the mum of one of his attackers.

Mr Saunders said the group had been in the pub for several hours and had started causing trouble when he intervened.

He said: “I was knocked out when I hit the ground and they started kicking me while I was down.

“I was hit from behind and punched hard in the left hand side of the head.

“I’m still getting a few headaches and I’m sore down my left side.

“One person was arrested but that still leaves three or four other people to find and bring to justice.”

Mr Saunders was attacked on Saturday after he had asked the group to stop kicking the pub’s fire exit.

The woman, believed to be the mother of at least one of the men, approached Mr Saunders to say she would control her own children, but minutes later, the men attacked him from behind.

Four off-duty police officers were in the pub at the time and have given statements to the police.

Mr Saunders added: “Chinnery’s has given its CCTV to police. it is claimed I pushed a door that fell into one of my attackers, but CCTV shows I didn’t.

“We have lots of witnesses, but not their names, which is frustrating.”

Mr Saunders has appealed on Twitter for anyone with information to contact the police on 101.

Police are yet to comment on the attack.

Chinnery’s management declined to comment.