ANGRY residents are objecting to plans for a fast food restaurant to open aroundthe- clock.

McDonald’s has asked Basildon Council for permission to turn its Laindon branch, at the Fortune of War roundabout on the A127, into a 24-hour drivethrough.

Tina Tait, 53, and neighbour Vivienne Chapman are planning to start a petition fighting the proposals.

They are fed up with customers parking outside their homes, and claim rubbish being dumped has caused a rat infestation.

Mrs Tait, of High Road North, said: “I’m not very happy.

“McDonald’s is good at coming round and picking up rubbish, but we always wake up to burger wrappers outside our house.

“We’ve got a problem with rats in the garden, and it seems a bit too much of a coincidence.

“It’s only going to get worse if it opens 24 hours a day.

“Since we moved here, six years ago, they have gradually asked to stay open longer and longer.

“We feel like we’re fighting a losing battle.”

If the plans are approved it would be the third fast food restaurant in Basildon to open 24/7 – joining the McDonald’s and Mayflower Retail Park and the McDonald’s at Festival Leisure.

However, residents are objecting because, unlike the others, the Laindon branch is not on a retail park.

Mrs Chapman, 49, said: “We’re in a residential area, and are very close to McDonald’s.

“There is no need for it to be 24 hours, there is already one just up the road at Festival Leisure Park.

“We have got no problem with it being there, but they are just taking liberties now.

“When we moved here it was open until 10pm, but it has gradually got longer.

“This is going to devalue my house.”

In November, Basildon Council granted permission for the McDonald’s branch to open until midnight, for a trial period of six months.

Planning officers felt this would allow them to see how the late-night opening affected surrounding residents.

The chain has now applied for permanent permission, and asked for the drive-through to stay open while the restaurant closes between midnight and 6am. Paul Magner, 61, has lived in High Road North for 22 years.

He said: “I work strange hours, and there is always noise coming from McDonald’s and people parked outside my house eating their food.

“I wouldn’t say it has got much worse since it has been open until midnight.

“My main concern with McDonald’s being open 24/7 is whether it will affect my house price, because we’re looking at moving.”