Drivers are reminded advance construction work starts tonight, Tuesday, April 22, ahead of a new scheme aimed at improving journeys at the Dartford Crossing.

Dart Charge – a remote payment system being introduced from October 2014 – will reduce congestion and ease traffic flow at the Crossing.

Instead of stopping at barriers to pay the crossing charge, drivers will pay online, by text, at one of numerous retail outlets, or by phone.

From tonight work starts to install the signage which will help drivers understand the new system.

To minimise disruption the work will be carried out mostly overnight, when traffic flows are lowest, and using lane closures already in place for routine maintenance work.

The work to install the signs will be completed over the summer. Some sign faces will remain covered until the new payment arrangements are introduced.

It will take place overnight, on the A282 on both approaches to the Crossing, the M25 both directions between junction 29 and junction 3, the A13 both directions approaching junction 30, and the M20 westbound between junctions 3 and 1.

On the A1306 both directions approaching junction 31, the A2 both directions approaching junction 2, the eastbound Bob Dunn Way in Dartford, and the southbound Crossways Boulevard in Dartford, it will take place during off-peak daytime hours.

The vast majority of the construction work taking place before Dart Charge is introduced from October will be carried out overnight, with minimal impact on road users.

The main construction work will take place after October when the existing payment booths will be removed and the road layout changed. This work will be completed by Spring 2015.

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