A NEW war memorial will be built on Canvey after it was given the green light by councillors.

The existing war memorial, outside the Paddocks, in Long Road, has deteriorated and the island’s War Memorial Hall Committee recently put forward plans to replace it.

Councillors unanimously agreed to have the monument replaced during a cabinet meeting in Kiln Road, Thundersley.

Ray Howard, Conservative councillor for Canvey Island West, said: “It’s a matter very dear to my heart and I’m absolutely delighted there was a unanimous decision to start work on the war memorial.

“I’m glad it will stay in the same place and the war memorial hall committee is doing such a great job. They are a great bunch of people.

“There is a lot of preparation and work which still needs to be done.

“Work will begin after Armed Forces Day, and then we will go through the whole process and hopefully it will be built by Remembrance Sunday.”

The old memorial was built in 1926 on the corner of Craven Avenue and Long Road, but was later moved to the Paddocks.

The new monument will stay in the same place and will be paid for by the War Memorial Hall Committee.

However, Mr Howard is also lobbying Canvey Island Town Council to get involved.

He said: “I want it to chip in. I want us all to be able to get together and I want the town council to be a part of it.”

Joan Liddiard, Independent councillor for Canvey Island South and a member of the memorial hall committee, said she was very pleased with the results.

She added: “It’s something the whole of the Canvey community wanted and now they will know they are doing something about it.”

Steven Cole, a Canvey Island Independent councillor and member of the Royal British Legion, welcomed the news.

He added: “So many people have been affected by the two world wars and we should pay our respects to our brave men and women.

“I’m just so proud it’s going ahead.”