THE daughter of a mentally ill Italian woman, controversially forced to give birth by Caesarean section in Essex has been adopted.

The 2012 birth, at first kept secret, was later reported and commented on around the world when the mother, Alessandra Pacchieri, claimed her child was forcibly removed from her and taken by social services in the county.

Ms Pacchieri later told an Italian newspaper she had been left traumatised by the incident, adding: “I want my daughter back. I’m suffering like an animal.”

The final email from the mother, which arrived on March 28 this year, did not challenge the adoption of her daughter in the UK, but read: “I wish for my daughter the best.”

Sir James Munby, the country’s top family judge, has said the child, whose identity is protected, has been taken on by “good and loving people.”

Ms Pacchieri is thought to have had a panic attack linked to her bipolar disorder and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

She was then sedated after authorities obtained a court order.

It is understood she was pregnant when she came to the UK to work for Stansted Airport in 2012.