A CAKE decorator’s creation has gone global – with more than 28million people admiring her five-tiered masterpiece online.

Claire Anderson, of Weybridge Walk, Shoebury, has been amazed at the interest in the wedding cake design she created to win her the gold medal at the Cake International Show in London.

The icing painted around the cake tells the story, in silhouettes, of two dog walkers who meet in a park, fall in love and end up getting married.

Show judge Alan Tetreault was so impressed, he posted a picture of it on the social networking website, Facebook.

From there, it want global, and his posting has been seen by millions since then.

The pictures on the cake tell a happy, romantic story, but some who viewed them ended up looking at the sequence in reverse – and thinking it told the story of a divorce.

Claire said: “I’m amazed by the interest in it. It’s gone bonkers.

“It has been picked up by the Huffington Post and Reddit websites and is now doing the rounds on Twitter. I really just can’t believe it.

“Some of the comments I’ve been getting are great.

“I was so chuffed and really happy to get the gold medal, as it’s not exactly a traditional, whitewedding cake.

“I thought the story was fairly self-explanatory, it won gold in the wedding category after all, but maybe not.

“It’s brought out people’s senses of humour at least. I’ve even had people asking me what happened to the dogs after the couple split up.”

For all the plaudits, Claire’s cake is actually far from edible.

Beneath the fondant icing airbrushed backgrounds and hand-painted pictures lie polystyrene moulds.

Claire, 44, gave up a career in recruitment five years ago, when a chef friend convinced her she could make a living decorating cakes.

She studied cake decorating for three years at South Essex College and now bakes, decorates and sells her creations, as well as teaching the art at the Delightful Tea Bake School, in Great Wakering.

Claire said: “I’ve worked hard for five years, so it’s great to have a bit of a boost and for so many people to see my work.”

To see more of Claire’s work, search for “Clairella Cakes” on the Facebook website.