A YOUNG musician was fatally hit by a car after being on a notoriously dangerous road for less than a second.

Justin Bowman, 23, of Polsteads, Basildon, was struck by a red Mini Cooper in Dry Street, Basildon, on May 28 last year.

Yesterday, an inquest into his death heard he was on his way to be picked up by his best friend, after finishing work at Basildon Hospital.

It emerged he walked through a cut-through from the hospital, emerging from two trees on to the road, where driver Jamie Hoare had no chance to avoid him.

She told Essex Coroners Court: “Literally, out of nowhere, a man jumped in front of the vehicle and I didn’t have any time to do anything at all.

“I stopped as soon as I could and that’s when I realised. I got out of the car and saw a man lying on the ground.”

The court heard the impact pushed Mr Bowman 21m down the road from the gap in the trees. He landed in front of his friend Sam Drain.

Paramedics rushed Justin to Basildon Hospital, but a few minutes later he went into cardiac arrest and died.

A post mortem examination found he died of multiple injuries.

A forensic police investigation conducted by PC Dave Howard found Miss Hoare would have only been driving between 31 and 40mph. The speed limit was 60mph.

Since then, the speed limit has been reduced to 40mph, but Dry Street residents want this reduced further to 30mph.

PC Howard said: “In my opinion it could have been anyone driving the car at that time and confronted with those circumstances I think the outcome could have been similar.”

Essex coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray recorded a verdict of death by road traffic collision.

She said: “This was a sudden and unexpected death.

“Justin was clearly a muchloved young man and I would like to express my sympathy to the family and hope they can look back on the happy and positive memories they have of him.”

In a statement, read by family liaison office PC Lucy Watson after the hearing, the family said: “The family of Justin Bowman have asked to mention they have found it helpful to know the collision was not the fault of the driver of the car.

“It was an unfortunate accident that she could do nothing to avoid.

“They appreciate the courage displayed by the driver in asking to meet personally with the family after the inquest which has given them some comfort.

“Lee, Justin’s mum, said she was very grateful that Sam, Justin’s best friend, was at the scene of the collision, having arrived to collect him from work and shared his last moments of life.

“The family would also like to thank the emergency services, Crown Prosecution Service, investigation team and especially the family liaison officer for their help and support.”