A HUGE business park could be built on Canvey if plans are given the green light.

Developer Inner London Group has put forward tentative plans to Castle Point Council to create a new industrial estate on 20.6 acres of land south of Charfleets Industrial Estate.

The land, the size of 12 football pitches, would see new warehouses, factories and a car showroom and cafes, if councillors approve the application.

The proposed development, on two parcels of land north and south of Roscommon Way, would be about 26,200 sq m of new units in total.

This includes a 1,300 sq m car showroom, 800 sq m for cafes, 6,800 sqm for business use, 9,300 sqm for general industrial use, and 8,000 sq m for distribution.

The plans would also involve new access roads, footpaths, drains, lighting, security fencing and landscaping.

George Fenttiman, partner at the Inner London Group, said there was a massive demand for new business units on the island and the development would be a stark contrast to the “tired looking”

Charfleets Industrial Estate.

However, he would not confirm how much the project would cost or how many jobs it was likely to create.

He said: “It is still early days, nothing is set in stone, but we have had a lot of interest from businesses already. There is a shortage of commercial space on the island and this will help deal with the planned growth for Canvey.

“We will be holding an application meeting with the council very shortly, but what we have put forward is what Canvey needs and that’s employment.

“There are a lot of tired buildings on Canvey and Charfleets has just been added to and added to, whereas this will be a new, modern development.”

Canvey county councillor Ray Howard welcomed the news saying it would bring more jobs to the area.

He said: “That area of land has been designated for industry since 1998 so this has been in the pipeline for a long time. The fact that we are hoping to develop the Northwick Road site for business use, and we have the new Canvey Skills Campus training up the next generation of brick layers and plumbers, it seems like all the pieces of the jigsaw are fitting together.

“But the sooner we can provide more jobs for local people the better.”