THE last words of a woman killed at her Wickford home have been played to a murder trial jury.

Tolu Kalejaiye, 44, of Wethersfield Way, tried to phone her boyfriend as she was attacked, but he did not answer and the call went to his voicemail.

He picked up the message later.

Mrs Kalejaiye’s son Emmanuel, 21, is charged with her murder on Thursday, September 19.

The four-minute call was played yesterday at Chelmsford Crown Court.

The court heard voice recording expert Christopher Mills spent two days listening to the voicemail, enhancing it.

Kalejaiye disputes the male voice on the tape is his.

He denies murdering his mother, but has admitted killing her.

The voicemail message began with the words: “Oh stop please.

No, no.”

Mr Mills alleged the tape included a male saying: “No I don’t want you to do this” and a woman’s voice saying “I cannot breathe.”

He claimed there was also a female saying “son, what do you want me to do. Help me. Oh don’t kill me. I’m not worth killing.”

The trial continues.