THE Government is undertaking a £750,000 study to determine whether a multimillion- pound third road could be built off Canvey.

Veteran Canvey councillor Ray Howard and Castle Point Council leader Pam Challis seized the chance to lobby the Government’s Minister for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, on Monday about pushing ahead with plans for a new link road between Canvey and Thurrock.

The trio had been visiting the official unveiling of the new terminal building at Southend Airport.

The Secretary of State confirmed a feasibility study will be carried out to assess whether the new North Thameside Link Road – between Northwick Road, Canvey and Manorway, Corringham – is a viable option.

Mr Howard, who is a town, borough and county councillor for the island, said this was a big step forward.

He said: “We just felt we had to take this opportunity to ask him about the third road and it was good to see he still had us in mind. The Secretary of State felt it was a worthy project to look into and feasibility will be undertaken. The fact our request for a study was not rejected is good news.

“It’s just another step in the right direction. The study will give a more accurate picture of how much it will cost before we go out to procurement. Whatever it costs the most expensive part will be crossing Holehaven Creek.”

Initial estimates for the cost of the new road, conducted in 2008, suggested the building work could be anywhere between £45million and £70million.

This is because a new viaduct would have to be built over Holehaven Creek, however the figure could now be higher.

The new road would be funded by private investors and could be tolled, meaning drivers could have to pay to use it.


DESPITE being just across Holehaven Creek, drivers have to travel more than 12 miles to go from Northwick Road, Canvey, to the Manorway in Corringham, a 24- mile round trip.

This takes motorists along Canvey Way, through Sadlers Farm and along the A13, a journey which could take between 30 and 45 minutes.

Building the North Thameside Link Road would cut the journey time by more than half as motorists would only have to travel around 1.8 miles across the water.

Previous estimates put the cost of the new road between £45million and £70million.

Estimated costs for the dualling of Canvey Way are around £90million.

The recent remodelling of the Sadlers Farm junction cost £63million while the Roscommon Way extension to Haven Road cost £18.5million.

Thurrock leader vows to fight road proposal

PLANS for a third road linking Canvey and Corringham have never been welcomed by those on the Thurrock side of the proposals, who fear extra traffic would increase pressure on the roads.

John Kent, leader of Thurrock Council, said: “Earlier this year Thurrock Council unanimously agreed to oppose this road.

“We have also responded to the Castle Point Borough Plan opposing it. Thurrock Council does not support this road.

“We believe it would lead to more congestion on Thurrock’s roads.

“We have made our views known as Castle Point Council puts together itsplans for the future development of its district and we will continue to make our views and our opposition known.”