FED-UP residents living on a Shoebury estate might gate off two entrances in a bid to keep out antisocial yobs.

People living on the Parklands Estate, off North Shoebury Road, are to be given a vote on whether to put up a gate or fence blocking foot access to the nearby Asda car park at the back of the estate.

It follows complaints about antisocial behaviour including yobs pulling up flowers, spraying graffiti, causing other damage to properties and intimidating residents.

The postal vote will determine whether the entrance to Asda and one to Shoebury Park will be either fenced off, or a gate which can be opened by residents only be installed, or no action be taken.

One Military Close tenant, who asked not to be named, said: “I know there are real problems up the other end of the estate, but it would be a much longer walk to the supermarket if we can’t go through the usual way.

“I don’t think it would be right to block access.”

But Neil Roberts, of Artillery Avenue, said: “I think it’s a good idea if we can have it giving residents access.

“There’s been people complaining about things at the flats near the Asda entrance.

“There have been people hanging around there and graffiti on a wall which had to be cleared off.

“One of my neighbours has had people playing football against her back fence. When she asked them to stop they kicked it harder.

It can’t be done soon enough for me really.”

A decade ago, long before the estate was built, a public footpath known as Footpath 219 ran along part of what is now the development.

Shoebury ward councillor Mike Assenheimhas proposed bringing back the path in some form.

He said: “It is a matter for the residents there and I can understand their point of view if there’s antisocial behaviour, but I do think if they want to put it up, Footpath 219 could be brought back to make sure residents from the rest of the estate would be able to use Asda.”

A spokeswoman for Chamonix Estates, which manages the estate on behalf of the residents, said the home owners’ decision would be known in the next two weeks.