A CHILDREN’S club threatened with closure has been saved – thanks to an Echo appeal.

Basildon, Billericay and Wickford National Childbirth Trust had to cancel the popular weekly Bumps club because not enough people were willing to run the charity.

The club for children, aged up to three, and their parents to socialise and play provided a lifeline for Bumps’ co-ordinator Liz Limentani, after she gave birth to 15-month-old Eve.

Liz made friends with other new parents going through similar issues and shared advice.

Fearing the club could shut, Liz made a desperate plea asking for more people to come forward.

The Echo appeal has led to nearly 10 more volunteers coming forward, and more families regularly attending Bumps at Noak Bridge Village Hall, in Coppice Lane, every Wednesday.

Liz said: “A lot of interest was generated after the story appeared in the Echo.

“People got really worried we were going to shut and it brought more people out of the woodwork, which was brilliant.’’ Liz added: “It’s a really good feeling.

“There’s such a nice, friendly atmosphere and people stay around longer now. It’s really invigorated it all.”

Before, the club had about 50 families on its books, with between 12 and 20 regulars.

Now 65 families are signed up, with up to 30 attending every week.

With the extra money being raised, Liz hopes to run a first aid course for volunteers which will be recognised by employers for parents wanting to get back into work.

The childbirth trust also hope to raise more cash from events to build baby bundles for newmums seeking help from Basildon’s Women’s Refuge, and donate to Parents First, on Canvey.

The next event is a nearly- new sale, where mums can buy second-hand items from the Billericay School, in School Road, Billericay, on May 10, between 11am and 12.30pm. Trust members can gain entry from 10.30am.

For more information, visit www.nct.org.uk/ branches/basildon