A PERVERT who bombarded glamour model Jodie Marsh with bizarre letters and naked pictures of himself, has been found guilty of stalking.

Joseph Mafwenke, 38, left the celebrity fearing she could be raped or murdered after sending a "vast" number of letters to her Brentwood home.

During a two day trial, Basildon Crown Court heard Mafwenke’s bizarre campaign included sending Miss Marsh, 35, doctored pictures of the couple having sex and of them strolling hand in hand She eventually moved from the house in Weald Road, Brentwood to avoid the letters.

Mafwenke was eventually arrested when Miss Marsh spotted him outside her old house.

The court heard Mafwenke, of Crawley, West Sussex, started his persuit of Miss Marsh after he read an article in lads’ mag, Zoo.

Miss Marsh broke down in tears as the court was shown letters sent to her house.

She said: "Straight away, I knew it was not normal fan mail, the letters would say things like 'you will be my wife', 'we will be together', 'you will have four children', 'we are meant to be together'.

"The way it was said, it was like it was a given that it would happen."

The letters, which included pictures of a naked Mafwenke on top of her, left her "really scared".

Miss Marsh told the court, she had initially asked police not to take any action in case it tipped Mafwenke over the edge.

She added: "I thought it might be rape, murder, kidnap.

"In my line of work, you don't think anything is too far-fetched."

One letter said: "I love you and the way you are alone..

"I plan to have four babies with you in married life. Thank you for I make it happen.

"Our time is now to have our childrens".

In his defence Mafwenke told the court he continued to send the letters because Miss Marsh did not reply to tell him to stop.

He claimed he visited her home to check she had received them.

Miss Marsh said she did not reply to the letters which were sometimes sent recorded delivery, because she did not think it was right.

A jury took just under an hour to find Mafwenke guilty of one count of stalking.

His sentencing was adjourned for five weeks while the probation service prepare reports.

He was remanded in custody.