A WOMAN was pulled from her car by passing motorists after it was rammed off the road by a hit-and-run driver.

Sue Cayzer, 52, of Lonsdale Road, Southend, was trapped in her purple Ford Ka after it was sent spinning into roadside bushes by a mystery white vehicle.

Ms Cayzer was rescued from her car by Billy Alexander and David Waite, both 36 and from Eastwood, who were on their way to work when they spotted the car and went to help.

Police are still trying to trace the driver who caused the crash, at the junction of Maplin Way North and Bournes Green Chase, Southend, at 1pm on Wednesday.

An uninjured, but angry Ms Cayzer said: “I just can’t believe they drove off.

“I want to appeal to anyone who saw anything, to come forward.

“This driver, whoever it is, needs to be stopped.

“I am angry, achy and fed up. Fortunately, I’m here to tell the tale, but I keep getting flashbacks and thinking ‘what if?’

“I was almost off the roundabout, when, all of a sudden, I saw this white thing in the corner of my eye and thought ‘that’s going to hit me’.

“All I know is it was white and bigger than me. It smashed into my car and I spun off the road into the bushes. I was stuck for ten minutes before the guys saw me.

“They were fantastic, as were the police and the paramedics. I guess it shows there are still nice people out there.”


Ms Cayzer was trapped in her car because branches stopped her opening the doors.

She sat trapped in the car for ten minutes before Mr Alexander and Mr Waite passed on their way to work at Magpies Collect, a Southend house and garden clearance company.

Mr Alexander said: “At first, we saw the car and thought it was funny, but then as we got closer, we could see she was stuck in there.

“We swung round the corner, parked up and went to help. She couldn’t get out, so we pulled the branches away and opened the door. She was understandably a bit upset, but fortunately she was OK.”

Anyone with information is asked to call PC Gavin Freeman, on 101.