REPAIRS to Canvey’s seawall have been branded a “disgrace” after chunks of concrete and metal spikes were left behind.

The Environment Agency was drafted in to repair Canvey’s seawall after severe storms battered the coastline at the start of the year.

Although the damaged wall was repaired in January, large amounts of rubble, old matting and other dangerous materials were not cleared away after the work was completed.

Dave Blackwell, Canvey Island Independent councillor for Canvey Central, has since visited the site and says he was “shocked and disappointed” to find the mess left by contractors working for the Environment Agency.

He said: “I am far from impressed at what has been left behind.

“The amount of loose materials left is totally inexcusable.

“I see a lot of children playing near the seawall and all it would take is for one of them to trip and they would be seriously injured.

“The compound where the agency left their diggers also needs attention. No grass seed or soil has been replaced and it’s a real eyesore.”

Mr Blackwell raised his concerns at a recent Canvey Island Town Council meeting, where representatives from the Environment Agency said they would look into it.

The winter weather left areas of coastal defences exposed with large concrete slabs and chunks of asphalt ripped away from the foundations.

Barry Palmer, 66, committee member for the Friends of Concord Beach group, added: “This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

“There are a lot of children who play near the seawall and dog walkers who use the route and their safety must be considered by the Environment Agency.”

A spokesperson for Jackson Civil Engineering, which carried out the work, said: “We’re happy we’ve carried out the work to the satisfaction of our client, the Environment Agency.”