A WOMAN who fears for the safety of her grandmother because of poor pavements is urging Essex County Council to make improvements.

Elizabeth Mcleod, 83, of Downey Close, underwent a hip operation last year and is unable to leave her house without help due to uneven pavements.

Her granddaughter, Tina King, said Ms Mcleod only leaves the house once a week whenamember of the family takes her shopping.

Ms Mcleod said: “I can’t leave the house by myself, before all this happened I used to walk to the shop to get the paper every morning, but it’s not safe for me to leave the house by myself anymore.”

Her family contacted the county council last September, but the issue was classed as a low priority.

She said: “I have contacted them again several times and told them it’s been like this for two years. The path is rocky and it’s only getting worse.”

In order to leave the house, Ms Mcleod must be seated in a wheelchair, but it is still difficult to move up the road.

Ms King said: “We need to tip her up the wheelchair to try and push her up the road, but this is very difficult because the paths move and they sink down.

“It’s very dangerous after the lights switch off at midnight because you can’t see where you’re going.”

The family said it is blocking Ms Mcleod’s independence.

Ms Mcleod’s daughter, Diane King, said: “She’s basically housebound. All we’re asking for the council to do is to fix the pavement.

“We don’t want anything else, and we just want the pavement sorted out so it will give her a little independence as well.”

A spokesman for Essex County Council, said: “An Essex Highways inspector will visit the location as a priority to conduct a risk assessment and establish any appropriate action that may be required.”