A BLOCK of flats on Canvey has been left with a broken secure door and exposed electricity wires, says a councillor.

The council homes, in Link Road, are said to have been “ignored” by Castle Point Council after a mains electric meter was left open, with live wires protruding, and a faulty door system means people can just walk off the street into the block.

Councillor Peter Greig says the council has known about the concerns since the second week in March, with officers visiting the site last week, although nothing has yet been done to fix the problem.

Mr Greig, Canvey Island Winter Gardens councillor for the Canvey Island Independent party, says he has made it a priority to get it fixed.

He said: “This is a massive concern to those living in the block. The fact that the electrics box is affecting an entire community area and not just one area is a real insult and a slap in the face from the council.

“I told them about it early last week and was told it would be dealt with as a priority, yet we are still here waiting on any action to happen.”

Mr Greig said the authority doesn’t seem bothered by the threat posed, especially to small children living on the site, and added the residents had told him they didn’t feel safe without a secure locking system.

He said all neighbouring blocks had seen locking systems installed, but not 199-209 Link Road.

He added: “I wouldn’t feel safe if I lived there. All the while the door is freely open anyone can walk in and this isn’t good enough. An interlocking system should be in use on the door, as it is in the other blocks, but all the while the door is unlocked, beggars and vagrants can walk in and take shelter.”

David Marchant, Castle Point Council chief executive, said: “A problem with the electrical cupboard was reported on March 13 and is being dealt with.”