FRUSTRATED residents want to see parking permits introduced in two busy streets and are urging people to back a campaign.

Elderly and disabled residents in Church Park Road and Parkhurst Road, Pitsea, have struggled with the lack of parking spaces for years because of its proximity to the busy town centre.

However, the issue has been made worse since the regeneration of Pitsea town centre kicked in last year, and residents are now being urged to complete a survey which could help introduce parking permits on their roads.

The Labour candidate for Pitsea South East, David Burton-Sampson, said: “It’s even more difficult for the elderly and the disabled as they need to have easy access to their own homes.”

Parking spaces on the streets are reportedly being used by employees who work in the town centre and commuters who travel from Pitsea station.

Paula Biggs, of Church Park Road, said: “If you try to reverse out of your driveway you can’t get the car out without worrying if a car is coming one way or another.

“This used to be a very quiet little road, but not anymore. There will be a big accident – and there is no doubt about that at all.”

The Labour councillor for Pitsea South East, Aidan McGurran, has been lobbying the South Essex Parking Partnership for months and it has now sent residents a survey.

Action will be taken if amajority of residents respond to the survey by Friday, April 11.

Mr Burton-Sampson added: “A majority need to respond to the survey.

Ideally, every resident needs to come back and put forward their views.

“Residents are over the moon this is finally happening. They were over the moon about the consultation going ahead.”

A spokesman for the parking partnership said: “After the closing date, recommendations will be presented and consideration will be given to the most appropriate action.”