A NIGHTMARE family who made their neighbours’ lives a misery have been evicted.

Police and council officers arrived at the first floor flat in Wells Gardens, on Basildon's Craylands estate, yesterday morning to hand an eviction notice to the troublesome couple and their two children.

Neighbours had put up with fights in the street, shouting and swearing and noisy visitors coming and going at all hours and made continuous complaints.

The family regularly hosted parties which went on throughout the night, and threw empty beer cans and vodka bottles over their balcony on to the street below.

One neighbour living on the ground floor of the block of flats, said: “Tonight will be the first time I can sleep in my own bed for a year. I have been forced to sleep downstairs because it was just too noisy.

“I have had to put up with arguing, stomping around on the ceiling and parties going on into the early hours. Last week I had to call the police.

“The problems started as soon as the family moved in about a year ago. They even washed their dogs urine off their balcony and into my garden, meaning I couldn’t open my back door last summer because the smell was so bad.

“It has taken a long time, but they have finally gone.”

The application for an eviction notice was heard in private at Basildon Magistrates’ Court, so the council could not confirm the name of the family.

The male tenant is currently behind bars awaiting trial after being accused of aggravated burglary in Wells Gardens.

Phil Turner, deputy leader of Basildon Council and cabinet member for housing, said: “It needs to be reiterated the council will not tolerate nightmare neighbours like this who show no regard for anyone else and make the lives of those around them a misery.”