A BRAVE “little angel’’ saved her dad’s life after a rare brain virus caused him to have a fit.

Ellie Clark, ten, found James, 33, fitting for the second time in two days at home in Adam Way, Wickford.

The previous day, he had undergone tests at hospital, but returned home only to take a turn for the worse.

Ellie dialled 999 and an ambulance arrived.

Mr Clark was later diagnosed with a brain virus, which could have left him brain-damaged, or dead, if his daughter had not come to his rescue.

Proud mum Leah Luxton, 32, said: “Ellie came to me saying daddy was shaking his arms and not talking to her. Straight away I knew he was fitting.

“I panicked. I got Ellie to call 999 and she ran to the neighbours next door to ask them to help. She even got her brother out of the bath. She held everything together, while I was just having a breakdown, I think she just saw how much of a state I was in and knew she had to. She is our little angel.

“She’s like a little mum anyway. She acts older than her age.’’ Mr Clark had five more fits in a day while in hospital, including two in an hour.

After scans, doctors revealed he had a brain virus. They have not been able to give a full diagnosis, but the IT recruitment consultant still has a swollen brain and is likely to remain on epilepsy medication.

Mr Clark was discharged from Basildon Hospital yesterday after three weeks recovering from a string of the severe seizures.

He has been ordered to spend weeks resting at home with partner Leah, daughter Ellie, a pupil at Wickford Junior School, and five year-old son Jake.

Leah added: “James jogged five miles a day, went to the gym every day and took part in charity runs. He’s always been a very fit person, so this all just came out of nowhere.

If it wasn’t for Ellie, he could have died.’’