A CORRINGHAM playgroup has been saved from closure after it raised the funds needed to stay open in just a matter of weeks.

The Annexe Playgroup, in Springhouse Road, changed management before Christmas, and after setting up an emergency committee found deficits of £2,000 in the books.

Last month, the Echo revealed there were fears the playgroup – which caters for 31 children and employs seven staff – would have to close for the rest of the academic year following the Easter holiday if the money wasn’t found.

Thanks to the generosity of parents, the local community and a series of fundraising events organised by the playgroup, normal service will resume.

A disco last Friday was billed as a fundraiser, but turned into a party as children, parents and teachers all celebrated the news.

Emma Reed, the committee chairman, said: “The support from the community has been amazing. People have just been coming up with their own ways to help us out.”

The playgroup is run as a charity, but will become a business in September when it moves into new premises next door. Gina Rawlinson, who took over the nursery in November, will be one of the directors when it becomes a business. She said: “It’s been stressful for the staff, but since we knewwe were going to be OK the atmosphere has got better and people are really happy about the future.”