GENEROUS students replaced cash stolen from a struggling charity to make sure a fundraising event can go ahead.

Thieves broke into the Canvey Youth Project, in Long Road, over the weekend and stole £90, which was meant for a charity dinner next week.

They also stole food which was kept aside for hard-pressed families.

After reading about the breakin, students from Seevic College, in Kiln Road, Thundersley, have donated the full £90 to ensure the charity event will still be able to take place.

Zoe Burton, 19, a member of the Students Association at the college, said: “A lot of our students receive help from them from time to time.

“We wanted to help them out.

I’m really shocked and I can’t believe people would steal from a charity. It’s really horrible.”

Seevic students have previously worked with the youth project and donated £400 to the charity just a month ago.

The Students Association decided to take £90 out of its budget, which is money raised through selling NUS cards.

Barbara Wilkins, a youth worker at the Canvey Youth Project, said she was “overwhelmed”

by the support shown by the students, as well as islanders.

She said: “We have worked with them before and it’s lovely to know they are thinking about us. Some people think younger people do not show interest, but they do.

“We are just blown over by the help we have received from Canvey. People have been coming in and out donating money and food.

“Yesterday, people were coming in dribs and drabs with bags of food and with money, someone even offered to donate a door. It’s amazing.”