TERRY Price’s life is made on the skate parks of Rayleigh and Hullbridge, testing out new tricks and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

But Terry does not take risks on a skateboard or a BMX...he rides a scooter.

At 25 years old, Terry is one of Rayleigh’s lesser-known but most successful sportsmen, the first rider in the world to perform a double back-flip on a scooter.

Terry is also the first person to have a scooter video top one million views on Youtube and his astonishing tricks have seen him travel the world.

Born in Hullbridge and raised in Rayleigh, Terry has been riding a scooter for 14 years, he attained a British National Diploma in computing from South Essex College in 2010 and now works for skating company Madd Gear.

Terry has been a sponsored scooter rider since the age of 15 and has travelled the world performing in competitions and exhibitions, but he has never forgotten his roots.

He said: “I used to spend all my evening and any other spare time practising new tricks at King George V skate park.

“If it was not for that I would not be where I am today. It is crazy to think how a small local skate park can make such a big difference to one person’s life, but it can.

“King George was completely rebuilt in 2011 but I used to ride there way before then, I live in Southampton now but whenever I come home I always head down there for a ride.”

Terry was recognised by his home town in 2012, winning the Rayleigh sportsperson of the year award and he thinks the riders and skaters of South Essex can teach others about accepting all types of riders to skate parks.

“That award really is one for the record list, it’s a proper sports award and it’s great to be recognised like that,” Terry added.

“Scooter riders get different reactions at different parks around the world. I for one get on great and hang out with all the skateboarders from Rayleigh.

“But in general there is that feeling from some skateboarders that they were there first and it is sad because we are all trying to do the same thing.”

It is not all animosity though and Terry said BMX riders, who first started riding at skate parks around 20 years ago, look to scooter riders for their next tricks.

He said: “All the BMX riders look to us to see what they will be doing in a few years time.

“BMX and scooter riding have similarities with the handlebars and in terms of what tricks we can do, but we’re just always a bit ahead of them.”

As part of the Madd Gear team Terry is sponsored to train and perform, but he also manages his own team and uses his background in computing to produce posters, videos and do all the admin required in running six sponsored riders’ lives.

His sponsors also have teams all around the world, so when Terry does travel, he has a ready-made support team to welcome him wherever he goes.

Southend Standard:

He said: “I’m really lucky and have quite literally travelled the world because of scooter riding.

“I’ve been to Australia four times, America three times and it’s not slowing down, in April I’m off to Shanghai which I’m really looking forward to.

“Being part of Madd makes it easier whenever I go overseas as well because you have a team there to look after you and we’re all likeminded people.”

To see more of Terry in action, log onto the Echo’s website. check out his Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/terrypricescooter

Watch a compilation of Terry's tricks here: