1. Mo’ Horizons – Hit the Road Jack (Pe Na Estrada)

File under B for Boom, Brazilian and Banker-tracks – a full-force Latin refit and sure-fire floor filler whipping up a tropical cocktail of swishy, slinky, sassy-jazz.

2. Shirley Scott and the Soul Saxes – Get Back

An unrelenting belter, thundering along like a joy-riding juggernaut – heavy on the horns and Hammond, although it’s possibly a touch too fast ‘n’ furious for shaking a leg.

3. Una Valli – Satisfaction

Satisfaction’s honking riff had originally been written with horns in mind – this version booms out a brash, brassy snap, almost as Keef had originally intended.

4. Rod Stewart – Cigarettes and Alcohol

I’ll forgive Sir Roderick of Epping any of the soppy nonsense – for the Faces, his solo Mercury work, and this mic-swinging take on Oasis. For those about to Rod, we salute you.

5. Wild Billy Childish – Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler?

From the southern side of the Thames Delta, the militarily moustachioed Billy Childish reggaes up a Brit-com classic.

6. Milky Edwards and the Chamberlings – Starman

This and two other Bowie covers surfaced on the internet last year, supposedly taken from a lost Seventies soul LP reworking the whole of the Ziggy album. Almost certainly a hoax, but Motown Bowie works for me, fake or real!

7. William Shatner – Common People

Shatner’s style of talking his way through a cover version is a bit onedimensional. Yet there is something truly inspirational about his Pulp cover. Builds to such a fever pitch that it leaves you breathless.

8. The Third Degree – Mercy

Duffy’s 2008 monster hit reworked as a Northern Soul-style floor-filler. Whenever I play it, someone always asks if it’s the original version!

9. Mae West – Great Balls of Fire

So delightfully bad, it’s genius! She was 79 when she recorded it, but it rocks along at a lively pace. Can raise a smile and also empty a room, often at the same time!

10. Etta James – Welcome to the Jungle

On paper this sounds like a terrible idea, but this Hammond-laced bluesy reinvention of the Guns ‘n’ Roses classic is actually a little gem. Turned out to be one of the last songs she recorded.

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