A FAMILY got the shock of their lives after the crew of a TV programme, which has been working on their house all week, unveiled their work.

DIY SOS workers and local traders have been renovating a Basildon house to help a severely ill little boy.

Yesterday they revealed their newlook home to the family.

Brandon, nine, suffers from Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy.

He lives in his family living room and is unable to walk up stairs, suffering from 20 seizures a day.

DIY SOS decided to help after hearing their story.

They knocked down an outbuilding, created an extension and built a seizure-proof bedroom and wet room for Brandon, with room for his parents Steve and Jenny to stay with him.

The entire revamp has been filmed for the BBC show and will be on TV later this year.

Until then the programme is keeping the family’s identity a secret.