THIEVES returned to steal a woman’s car – weeks after they first tried to take it.

Deborah Friswell, of Church Road, Ramsden Bellhouse, found thieves had attempted to steal her Land Rover Defender from her driveway six weeks ago.

They had cut a wire under the vehicle, disarming the alarm, but had got frightened off and left it on the drive.

Mrs Friswell was watching TV in her living room with the blinds open and lights on when the car was taken between 1.30am and 3am on Sunday. She said: “I had parked it on my drive right up to the front door to put the thieves off coming back.

“I didn’t even hear anything and then I realised it had gone.

“I feel a bit stupid, because when they tried to take it the first time the police told me to buy a clutch lock which goes over all the pedals but because it was £150 I didn’t.

“I would tell everybody to buy one now.”

The Land Rover Defender was black and three years old.

Anywitnesses can call Essex Police on 101.