DETERMINED councillors are working with residents to get a hazardous car park repaired.

St James’s ward Conservative councillors Godfrey Isaacs, Norman Ladzrie and Bill Sharp, along with Colin Riley, Conservative borough councillor responsible for street scene, are furious Essex County Council has failed to take action over a manhole cover which has caused accidents for a number of residents.

Mr Riley said he is furious the county council has not stepped in after several elderly people tripped and injured themselves in the Rectory Road car park – with one woman badly cutting her face and another man falling out of his wheelchair.

Heather Overall, who hurt herself last August, says the manhole cover is a danger to all and she refuses walk on the same side of the road as the car park after the incident.

Mr Riley says he has lobbied Essex County Council for more than three years, but has had no luck.

He said: “I first reported this in 2011 and at the very least expected to hear something back, but it has felt I’m up against a brick wall.

“It has also been reported by other councillors and yet here we are, waiting for something to happen.

“For elderly residents to be affected by this again and again is simply not good enough and some answers are needed.”

Mr Sharp added he was “very disappointed” with Essex County Council.

An highways department spokesman at Essex County Council said: “Essex Highways received the inquiry from the Castle Point Councillor regarding this road defect. A highways inspector conducted an investigation and robustly risk assessed the area.

“No comment regarding this matter can be made at this time, due to a legal matter.”

Southend Standard:


AT the time of her accident, Heather Overall said she was “shaking like a leaf”.

Mrs Overall, 85, of Beresford Close, Hadleigh, said: “I remember it so clearly.

“I was walking to the shops and the next minute I was on the ground, having banged my head on the ground.

“I was bruised down my face.

“I couldn’t go out afterwards because I was so nervous. I was lucky some nice people from the Beauty Salon opposite were able to help me and two other people insisted on taking me to the doctor.”

Mrs Overall broke her glasses in the fall and had to fork out £200 to replace them.

She sent the bill to Essex County Council, but says she heard nothing back.