LOVING twin sisters have been made ambassadors for a national charity as one of them overcomes her battle against leukaemia.

Four-year-olds Naomi and Lorelai Warren were hand-picked as the faces of a new Cancer Research UK campaign after the charity heard their inspirational story.

The girls, of Pendle Drive, Basildon, had just returned from a birthday party in February 2012 when mum Caroline noticed a golfball sized lump on Naomi’s neck.

She went on to be diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, at the age of just two.

Naomi had to undergo eight months of chemotherapy at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Basildon Hospital and at home before starting an intensive 19-month treatment programme in October 2012.

It included more chemotherapy, lumber puncture injections and steroids, which raised her blood pressure and deflated her mood.

It also sent her appetite and weight soaring, with Naomi going from 1st 8lbs to 2st 5lbs in just three weeks.

At one point, the weight gain even stopped her being able to walk.

The treatment is debilitating, but Naomi has been supported throughout by her devoted sister.

Lorelai is on hand at hospital appointments to give her twin a drink, hand over her favourite bunny toy and make sure a plaster is ready after blood tests.

Mum Caroline, 33, said: “I have never known love like it. They adore each other and call each other ‘darling’.

“Lorelai really helped us at the stage where Naomi disappeared during treatment. It would have been easy for us to be really sad, but even as a two-year-old, she kept us going.

“Naomi is a real character. She’s a comedienne, loves to make everyone laugh, is all action and is always pulling funny faces. She is superhappy and super-brave.

“Lorelai is more of the thinker and worrier. She cares deeply and wants to make sure everyone else is happy.

“Now, to look at Naomi, you would never know she had been so poorly.

People who don’t know them sometimes ask, ‘which one has had leukaemia?’.”

Naomi’s treatment is due to end in May and she looks set to make a full recovery.

Now Naomi is back to her bubbly self, she and Lorelai have dressed in their parents’ old clothes to encourage residents to dig out unwanted clothes, accessories and homewares to donate to TK Maxx. The nationwide Give Up Clothes for Good campaign, led by Cancer Research UK, aims to raise millions of poundsp.

Caroline added: “Thanks to research into children’s cancers, Naomi is here today, has almost completed her treatment and is looking forward to living a full and happy life.

“We will definitely be having a good clear out and hope otherswill be inspired to do the same. In doing so, we can all help Cancer Research UK ensure more children, like Naomi, survive cancer in the future.”