AN amateur videographer is whipping up a storm online with his aerial videos of famous Southend landmarks.

Dave Black, from Shoebury, has been using a 1.2kg remote controlled “quadcopter” to film his videos since August, with his latest effort showcasing Southend Pier at its finest.

An IT consultant by day, Dave also flies light aircraft for a hobby and decided to combine his two passions to make the videos.

His films so far include landmarks such as Hadleigh Castle, Shoebury Common, the Labworth cafe on Canvey and a “pilot’s eye view” of Gunners Park in Shoebury.

Dave said: “I love doing it, it’s two hobbies in one for me, I’m trying to make an archive of all the landmarks in the area, and a few lesser known places as well.

“Where you can fly is quite strictly regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority though in terms of privacy and safety, so I’m applying for recognition from them.

“That would mean I could work on extensions on where I can fly, but Southend Airport are trying to expand their air space as well so I’ll keep going.”

You can watch videos of Southend Pier, Hadleigh Castle and sunset over Shoebury below but for more information, or videos, go to