POLICE had to be called in when a dog was mauled to death in a back garden, causing a row between neighbours in the street.

Trevor, a 14-year-old Yorkshire terrier, died following the attack in Hartington Road, Southend, on Sunday night.

He was attacked by a bull terrier- type dog which got into the garden through a broken fence.

Jean Williams had let Trevor out into the garden before the attack. She said: “I’d just let him out for the last time that night when I heard this awful noise. I can’t describe it and I called for my son.

“He found Trevor. He wouldn’t let me see him because it was so bad. Trevor didn’t stand a chance.”

Southend Standard:


Charlie Williams, 29, Jean’s other son, is devastated by the death of his pet. He said: “I was out when it happened, but my mumput him out before bedtime then she heard a commotion and shouted for my brother, but it was too late. It was horrific.

“My mum called me to come home. The police were already there.

“They say it will take a long time to take it to the courts and there is nothing they can do until then, but I want to warn my neighbours about these dangerous dogs.”

The family are so concerned they no longer allow children to play in the garden over fears the dog might come back.

A police spokesman said: “We had reports that a dog had entered a property in Hartington Road and had killed a dog at 9.10pm on Sunday. We also had a separate report of a disturbance in the street between neighbours.

We will be speaking with both parties over a dog dangerously out of control.”