BUS drivers in Hadleigh have been recognised as some of the best on the road.

Mark Emberson, Paul Ferguson, Tony Pullen, John Gay, Abigail Eastwell, Graham Goddard, Reg Staines, Andrew Gross and Andrew Wright have been given the Green Road Fleet Elite award.

They are all based at First Bus’s Hadleigh depot.

Launched in February 2012, Green Road Fleet Elite is given to reward the best bus drivers.

If a driver brakes or accelerates rapidly, an on-board display flashes a yellow or red warning light, depending on the severity of the motion.

Points are given for each event and the fewer points a driver has, the better their safety score.

Andy Spicer, depot operations manager at First Essex’s Hadleigh depot, said: “We are proud of our drivers who work hard to deliver better journeys.

“We are continuously working to improve our standards.”