A COUNTY councillor was slapped with a £70 parking fine by County Hall while collecting salt bags as a favour for the authority.

Mark Ellis, Ukip councillor for Laindon Park and Fryerns, parked outside his house in Samuel Road, Langdon Hills, to make room for a seven tonne delivery lorry.

He had agreed to store two tonnes of salt to hand out to residents as part of the winter salt bag partnership scheme – led by Essex County Council.

As he was waiting for a lorry to deliver the 25kg bags, a parking warden came along and handed Mr Ellis a ticket.

He had parked on yellow lines while restrictions banning parking between 9am and noon were in place.

Mr Ellis, who was elected as a county councillor for the first time in May, said: “I took half a day off from work and came home to have the salt bags delivered.

“I didn't park on the drive because there would have been no room for the lorry to load the bags into my car. I was just following the delivery requirements.

“When the warden came along I explained the situation and he said he had to do his job, which I completely understand, but I could appeal and it would get quashed straight away.”

He was handed the £70 fine on October 31 and spent three months waiting for the outcome of the appeal – only to find out if had not been successful.

Mr Ellis is considering going to court to argue his case.

Essex County Council refused to comment on the case as the South Essex Parking Partnership manages parking enforcement on its behalf.

Mr Ellis added: “I feel like I’m being penalised for trying to help people out.

I think it’s absolutely outrageous.

“I’m not asking for special treatment, but I think sometimes they need to look at the reasons for things.”

The salt bags have now been delivered to local residents.