SCHOOLCHILDREN who faced having to share one teacher between two classes will now have a teacher of their own.

Anxious parents feared for their children’s development after receiving a letter from Basildon’s Whitmore Primary School headteacher Iris Cerny saying she was “pleased” to reveal one teacher would take charge of up to 60 children in Year 4 after half-term.

Lisa Robinson, with support from student teachers and learning support assistants, would have taught both classes.

The letter came after the school failed to recruit a teacher to replace Mr Toole, who has moved to Leicester.

Despite a teacher being found on Friday afternoon, some parents are still concerned for the children whowill now have their fourth teacher in two years at the school.

A parent, who did not want to be named, said: “My son’s teacher changed last year as well. Is it because they don’t like how the school is run? My concern now is it is going downhill.

“It’s not good for the children understanding rules because teachers all have different ways of working.

There’s major concern about their progression.”

However, on Friday afternoon, as the school shut for half term, Mrs Cerny agreed a teacher who currently works one-to-one with pupils, would take the place of Mr Toole.

Headteacher Mrs Cerny said: “Recruiting teachers is a problem for Basildon schools generally but on Friday afternoon we hired a teacher who is already doing some work at the school.

“It’s about finding the right people to do the right job.

She’s fully qualified and a very good teacher.

“The school is not going downhill, in fact it is completely the opposite.

“Our numbers are going up rapidly. We have 471 pupils now and are very popular. I am employing more staff than I am losing.”

Learning moderator Mrs Newton, from the inclusion team, also left the school on Friday.

The inclusion team works with pupils having emotional difficulties or in need of extra help. Her work will be shared by other members of the team.