PLANS for a £120,000 redevelopment of parks across Langdon Hills to reduce antisocial behaviour have been revealed.

Langdon Hills residents have started a fundraising campaign to find cash to update dilapidated play facilities in the area.

The project, which will be completed in three phases, will include an updated park and multi-use games arena at the junction of Delmores and The Hyde, plus a new cricket pitch off Valence Way.

The first phase, to install a roundabout and climbing frame in the shape of a galleon ship, could be in place by the summer.

David Burton-Sampson, chairman of Langdon Hills Residents’ Association, which is leading the project, said: “Other than the rusty play area, there is nothing for children.

“It does create a bit of nuisance for people. This is about giving kids somewhere to go rather than hanging around or playing football on the pathways.

“What we are trying to create is an area where not only can the kids come and play, but the parents can come and watch and play with their children.

“It will encourage fitness and community spirit.”

Mr Burton-Sampson said he hopes phase two, a court for football, basketball and other sports, will be complete by the end of 2014.

Then phase three, to update the cricket pitch currently used by the Berry Boys club, will be completed by the end of 2015.

Ideas to update the parks first came to light when the residents’ association formed in 2012 and surveyed residents to find what they wanted.

Mr Burton-Sampson added: “At the moment it does get used, but not a lot, because of the state of it.

“The kids we asked during the survey said it wasn’t inviting.

They wanted something which would encourage them to stay longer because there’s nothing there to make them want to stay.

“It’s not just for the kids on the estate, but kids in the whole area. There are a large number on the estate, but also on the other side of High Road who will benefit from this.”

Basildon Council, which owns the parks, will take on the maintenance once work has been completed.

A bid has been made to its Community Investment Fund, and the housing association is confident the application, as well as others, will be successful.

ELDERLY and disabled residents will have their gardens tended by volunteers as part of a community initiative to spruce up Langdon Hills.

The area’s residents’ association is looking for £14,000 of grant funding to add 2,400 plants across the housing estate.

Some will be in planters while the majority will be added to council-owned areas.

Volunteers also want to buy 400 plants to donate to the elderly and disabled who can’t normally get out and tend their front gardens.

Residents will also be able to take up the offer for a small fee.

David Burton-Sampson, chairman of the Langdon Hills Residents’ Association said: “We have an initial grant of £150 from the Ford Britain Trust and we added £110 to this to buy equipment to start tending gardens.

“This will brighten up the area and help them with something they can’t do themselves.”