WHEN Joel Macadar moved to south Essex from Miami, he soon started missing the bright lights and the Florida nightlife.

So 23-year-old Joel got thinking... and came up with a way to let Essex nightclubbers enjoy the hottest nightspots London has to offer.

The Hundred Bus – named after Chafford Hundred, where Joel now lives – offers clubbers a ride to the capital’s brightest and best clubs, and exclusive admission deals when they get there.

For a set fee, revellers get a bus to the club and back to Lakeside plus admission to a club.

The first Hundred Bus is due to leave Lakeside Shopping Centre at 11pm on Friday, February 21, returning by 4am.

And for those worried about late-night troublemakers, it even offers the reassurance of its own security staff.

Friday’s opening trip will take clubbers to Egg nightclub in north London and back for an all-inclusive £30 fee.

Joel, who moved here with his parents two years ago to finish a degree in sports management at London Metropolitan University, said the business had been inspired by something he’d seen in the USA.

He explained “There’s a promotion model in America where the club provides a bus for you if you bring enough people. This is slightly different, but there’s definitely a call for it.

“If people finish work late there’s nowhere they can go unless they have a car. If I took a taxi to central London, it would cost me £60 one way.

“This idea totally makes sense.”

The business is being launched with £3,250 funding from the Prince’s Trust.

For more details and tickets, visit hundredbus.com