CASTLE Point Council says it won’t use compulsory purchase powers to bulldoze a family home to make way for a stream.

Catherine and Adan Morales, of Waarden Road, Canvey, were devastated after receiving a letter last month floating the idea for the council to use compulsory purchase powers to buy their home.

The property would be demolished to make way for a stream linking Canvey Lake with a town centre fountain.

But now the council has gone back on the idea, claiming it had no intention to buy the family’s home or demolish it as it would probably not be supported by councillors.

A council spokesman said: “The council is not considering the use of compulsory purchase powers to bring about the link to the lake.

“The Castle Point Regeneration Partnership has been working to bring about the link. There are a range of options. At this stage we have no plans to demolish their home.

“A private meeting took place with Mrs Morales and owners of neighbouring properties to explain the options.

“Further private discussions are planned with the landowners who now understand the ambitions and proposals of the council and there is no intention to compulsorily purchase their property.”

However, Mrs Morales claims at the meeting the only plans up for discussion involved knocking down their home.

She said: “The day before the meeting we were assured our property would not be touched, but when we went to the meeting it was the only option they were looking at.

“They couldn’t see it was likely our home would be knocked down, but it was a very throw away remark. We want it in writing.

“Then they said anyone in the boundary of the master plan could be affected. So we still feel threatened by these plans, we still feel our property will be at risk in some way.”

The council said a letter was being sent to the Morales family and theywould receive copies of the alternative options.

As part of the £50million plans to regenerate the island, discussions are also being held with businesses over the future of a small shopping parade on the corner of Waarden Road and Knightswick Road.